High School

First Semester (Thai)

7th Grade

Schedule in Thai

First Semester

7th Grade

Introduction to Computers and Programming

This class will build on the student’s past experience and understanding of various Google applications useful in today’s world. Students will be introduced to practical uses for Documents such as for formal correspondence, reports, and articles. They will gain a basic understanding of spreadsheets for use in reporting, and creating slideshows for presentations. They will also be introduced to basics of computer programming such as linear thinking, creation of flow charts to organize the programming process, and the use of a graphical programming interface.

8th Grade

Media Production and Internet Presence 1

This class will build on the student’s experience with the Scratch graphical programming interface. They will grow in their ability to envision a sequence of events, using Scratch to produce an animated story. Building further on their media skills, their programmed animations will be used to guide taking video footage and photographs to produce a simple video presentation. Students will begin to explore HTML, learning how to produce a web page that will display their presentations.

9th-10th Grade

Introduction to Programming for the Internet

This class will introduce the student to programming languages used to produce functional web pages for the Internet. Students will build on previous experience to storyboard video projects and take quality photographs. They will explore HTML, be exposed to JavaScript, Perl, and Python. Students will begin learning to produce web pages allowing users to interact with their video and photographic projects.

Second Semester (Thai)


Second Semester

7th Grade

Computer Programming and Media 1

This class will develop a student’s ability to envision, plan, and create a program with a specific function or goal in mind. Students will be introduced to basic web page programming; the components of web pages and their functions. They will begin to develop media skills such as recognizing and taking quality photographs and video, editing images and video, then integrating media into web pages.

8th Grade

Media Production and Internet Presence 2

This class will focus on improving students’ media skills and collaboration on larger-scale projects. Individual students will prepare media projects with a goal of producing media for permanent inclusion in the School of Promise public website. They will be introduced to making a persuasive presentation of their project to their small group for the sake of choosing a small group project. By the end of the year the class will have produced several quality media presentations for the school’s website.

9th-10th Grade

Building Websites 1

This class will expose the student to building websites using the WordPress development environment. The student will be introduced to website planning and execution through guided experiences in generating and maintaining a locally accessible blog site displaying images and media, and receiving comments from visitors.